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MOTO MATAKOS active in the bike since 1964, when the company's founder Apostle Matakos  opened his first workshop bicycles and tricycles in Thessaloniki, Langada Street 54.

In 1973 he starts school and the marketing of spare parts and accessories and in 1978 expanded its operations in the introduction and marketing of motorcycles.

A few years later in 1983 partnering with YAMAHA Greece and is the official distributor of products YAMAHA, while only 1 year later invited YAMAHA in Japan along with other 24 dealers, where distinguished and vraveftai.

In 1988 he transferred to private facilities in Langada Street 120 and founded the company A.MATAKOS & Co. From then until now, the company has a path with continuous nationwide and international awards in the field of motorcycles, parts and axesoar YAMAHA.

In early 2012 the company started cooperation with the KYMCO Greece and now is the official distributor of products KYMCO.

The company A.MATAKOS & Co is and will always be at the bike offering riders, the best possible service by focusing on customer service and satisfaction of their needs.